Write.as Gems

Just wanted to use this page as a way to keep track of functionality I would love to see as enhancements in the future, as I explore this new platform.

1. Markdown for Underline | Solved

I actually just got an answer to this one a few minutes ago from the community group. Write.as uses a Markdown language to add some formatting to text. I couldn't find a markdown for adding underline to a text. But then I was told by the user group that we can in fact add html syntax within the markup. Therefore, I was able to just use the html “u” tag to add an underline. You can also use this Markdown Cheatsheet as a quick reference guide.

2. Make a pinned post linkable instead of a static page | Solved

In order to create a static page, you first create a post and then pin it to convert it to a static page. This is great for additional pages such as “About”, “Contact” etc...but what if I wanted an external link this method doesn't work. For example, I've created a “LinkedIn” static page which I wish would automatically go to my LinkedIn page instead of opening the static page which has the link in it.

Solution: The write.as community group came through again. You can actually accomplish this by: 1. Go to your Blog page > Customize 2. Scroll down are you should see the “Custom Javascript” area. Here you can add some custom JS code. 3. Using this example, I added something like this

    var a = document.querySelector('a[href="MENU_ITEM_URL"]');
    if (a) {
      a.setAttribute('href', 'NEW_URL');
      a.setAttribute('target', '_blank');

3. Write.as Themes

This is a gallery of the various customizations people have done to their blog. Check it out here