Why I chose Write.as over WordPress, Medium, Ghost and Substack

Today marks exactly 1 week of launching my blog. So this post is perfectly timed. For the past 2 months I've been trying to get back into writing. Writing is therapeutic to me. Something about being able to express your thoughts on paper (or screen in this case). For one reason or another I found a way to talk myself out of it. Then finally I got inspiration from this article by Polina Marinova and decided to go for it. I spent the entire week prior looking into various platforms.

I had never even heard of Write.as up until last week Sunday. So it was quite wild that I chose to use this platform. Although my nature as a person has always been to try new technology. Whenever I find something new, I try to give it a chance because new things usually come with new ideas. My research into blogging platforms led me to discover Write.as by accident. In fact, it was the exact article called “Platforms to Write on Besides Medium” which got my attention.

It's quite ironic that the first 2 articles I've already linked to in this post are both using the Substack platform, but I digress. Write.as caught my attention because It was the only one on the list I had never heard of, so I wanted to know more. The sentence that drew me in was “Write.as is an extremely minimalist blogging platform”. There are more reasons that swayed me which I will get into, but I knew as soon as I signed up and was up and running in under an hour...this was it.

After previous experiences and headaches with prior blogging platforms, I now knew what I wanted in a platform. It was as if someone was in my head and extracted details of how I would envision a blogging platform to be, documented those details and went ahead to go build it. That someone just turned out to be the founder, Matt Baer.

Here are the things I was looking for in a blogging platform as must-haves:

  1. No bloat
  2. Light and fast
  3. Simple to use i.e. extremely minimalist
  4. Preferably a managed hosting service, yet giving me full ownership and control of my data
  5. Reasonable pricing
  6. Domain name mapping
  7. Writing focused, not a damn CMS (Content Management System)
  8. Thought to execution should be flawless, like grabbing a scratchpad or journal
  9. Option to expand blog to Subscriber-based model if possible
  10. Easy flexibility for theme customization

All the points above were so important to me that I would probably talk myself out of writing again if I wasn't satisfied. Here are the things I did not like about other platforms, which discouraged me even if some of the criteria were met:

Now coming back to why Write.as:

In late 2014 I was getting more concerned for my privacy both online and on my smartphone. I felt stifled, because I knew social media sites were analyzing my status updates and search engines were cataloging my searches. So I wanted to create an antidote for that feeling, and came up with Write.as. ... I own 100% of the company and don't plan to ever sell it (or our users) off.

I can keep going on and on without accounting for everything it has to offer. You can see pricing and feature details here. If you are looking for something new and different in a blogging platform I would highly recommend to consider Write.as.

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