Keka | Productivity Apps Series

Who would have thought zipping a file on macOS could be a nuisance for Windows OS-designed products/services. This was exactly what I faced the last few years until I found Keka. I haven't looked back since.

In my area of work, which is Oracle Cloud Apps. There is a standard Oracle utility used for loading files into the application. That Data Loader requires that load files are zipped prior to uploading them. So when I transitioned from Windows OS to macOS years ago, one of the issues I encountered (as with a few others which I wrote here) was that when you zip a file in macOS, it includes a bunch of .ds_* files. For the most part, the files are not problematic since they are system files. The problem is when I tried to use it in my data loader, all my loads will fail. I finally figured out that it was due to the .ds_* files.

I managed to suck it up for years until I finally got frustrated and had to find a solution

As always, Google has the answers. I did some research and found Keka. Keka is a file archiver app built just for macOS. This app has literally saved me hours in work efficiency. Best part, it's free. So no more invisible system apps in your zip files. Download it here.

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