Itsycal for macOS | Productivity Apps Series

When it comes to technology, I hate bloat, clutter or any sort of unnecessary complication that affects a user experience. When I switched to macOS from Windows about 8 years ago, I never looked back.

The masOS just felt right in every way. I did not miss very much in Windows, except for a few smalls things that did grind my gears. Those small things were big enough to be annoying. For example, in Windows OS, you can click the date area on the taskbar which will pop-up a small calendar. This was such a tiny little functionality that I did not even realize was a big deal until I started using my mac. I don't know what I was more stumped about, the fact that this one-click feature did not exist on macOS or how much more I use that function on a daily basis.

Introducing Itsycal for macOS. I found this app but just doing a lot of googling until I found something I liked. Itsycal is a tiny little widget that sits on the macOS menu bar like so:

It looks so native to the OS and that is exactly what I love about it. Clicking on the tiny calendar icon opens up a calendar that you can scroll through. Simple, clean, easy and small footprint. That is how widgets should be. The best part is that the app is free and you can download it here.

Hope you enjoy this little gem if you get a chance to try it out. The Productivity Apps Series is a new category I'll use to talk about useful apps I use like this, which make life just a little bit better.

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