A Long Winded Story about Subscription Payment Overload

It is amazing to me how something which is totally unrelated to nothing, can suddenly trigger a thought in your head that is also unrelated to the things which triggered the original something. But that current something becomes the new focal thing.

The wandering of the mind is fascinating. This happened to me a few weeks ago which I thought would make a great write-up.

I was scrolling through my twitter feed sometime ago when I saw the hashtag #Suitman trending. It was such a funny word I had to click on it to understand what the trend was all about. I find out that Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports held a conference and was calling some guy “Suit man”. I was so lost and confused. Turns out he was talking about some podcast named “Call her Daddy” where one of the girls named Sofia Franklyn caused an uproar and left the show. The catalyst for the entire drama seemed to come from the guy she was dating named Peter Nelson. Dave, I knew of because of Barstool, but everyone else was a mystery.

You are probably wondering, where is this story going? So I randomly looked up this Peter guy out of curiosity because the Suit Man nickname was funny to me. I saw that he was the current head of HBO Sports. All of a sudden, my brain pivoted to the fact that I have an HBO Subscription which I had not used since Game of Thrones ended. I thought to myself, why am I still paying for this?

Now I begin to go down the rabbit hole of what other Apple subscriptions am I paying for and not even using. So in addition to HBO, I had EPIX, VSCO and Apple TV+. The Apple TV+ I decided to keep, but got rid of HBO, EPIX and VSCO. These alone was already saving me almost $30/mth.

A lot of times, most of us subscribe to things and forget that we are paying for them and we don't even use them. Then I dug further to other areas, I had subscriptions to Art of Shave that I didn't need, but some which I needed like Adobe Suite, Spotify and Microsoft Office.

The point is we are easily paying for hundreds of dollars in subscriptions per month, maybe thousands for some (i.e. families). In a time where people are trying to get their finances in order, I would recommend starting with a sweep of all your subscriptions and keep the necessities.

I wish there was a single website for the sole purpose of enrolling into and exiting out of subscriptions with one-click buttons, regardless of platform, product or service type. It should be easy to use and automatically integrate with any vendor without you having to link them. Maybe there is something out there I am not aware of. If not, perhaps this could be the next killer idea.

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