2020 and beyond...

The year 2020 has been exhausting to say the least. I don't need to recap everything since we have all been living it.

Covid-19 has forever changed the world as we know it. The self isolation time during this lockdown period made me reflect on a lot of things, both personally, professionally and societally (yes, this is a real word). In fact, this reflection period was partly the inspiration behind getting back into writing and starting a new blog as a way to express some of my thoughts.

The pandemic has exposed so many things that frankly, I truly believe have already been brewing in the shadows. It just so happened to be the perfect catalyst to accelerate and/or shine the spotlight on them. Who would have thought that it would take a virus for everyone to be forced to pause and think about the things that really matter?

Things like:

The questions go on and on and on...and I'm sure most sensible folks must be asking themselves these and many more.

Being in the Tech space, I noticed how fortunate we are to have the flexibility and ability to operate at fairly the same pace (sometimes better) with little to no impact on work while being remote. For those in tune in this space, we've always known Technology is here to stay. The pandemic only propelled us ahead of what we already advocated for. Everyone else is starting to play catchup. A quick peek into the stock market shows the companies most resistant to this pandemic were in Tech, Fintech services or brick and mortar with large online footprints. In fact, some of the companies did even better. One thing I've come to realize throughout this whole pandemic is that Tech and Finance rules everything.

Looking forward, I know that we will come out of this. It may take time and seem dark on most days, but we will come out of it. The question is when we do come out of this, do we come out better as a people or worse off. If you are not using the free time right now to better yourself in someway by learning a new skill, reading a book, investing and sharpening your financial literacy...this is the defining moment that you will possibly look back on with regret. We may not have control of the chaos going on in the world, but we do have control on how we react to it.

I truly believe some of the best companies for the next 10 years+ are being built right now. The choice is yours, to either create your own future and dig or sink, while you fold your arms waiting for answers.

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